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Vocation to Carmel

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein): In August 1921 Edith Stein was at a friendís house where she discovered the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila. Edith writes:

I began to read, was captivated immediately, and did not stop until I had read to the end. As I closed the book, I told myself
: "This is the truth. . . From that moment on, Carmel was my goal ... To be Godís child means to live at his hand; to do Godís will, not oneís own; to lay all oneís cares and hope in Godís hand, no longer to care about oneís self and oneís future. Thereupon rests the freedom and joyfulness of the child of God."

††† Do You Feel Called. . .

†††† Do you feel an emptiness in the midst of your active and full life?
†††† Has your prayer become a hunger to know intimately the life and teaching
†††† of Jesus?
†††† Are you willing to journey in the mystery of Godís love?
†††† Do you desire a more radical, more contemplative life style?








†† Is God calling YOU to CARMEL?

††† To Carmelís solitude where God will draw you to Himself
††† To Carmelís silence where God will speak to your heart
††† To the Sisters whose life you will share and whose company will be
††† the source of friendship and encouragement to meet the challenge
††† of living a life of allegiance to Jesus Christ

††† St. Teresa of Avila, our Foundress, tells us that it takes courage,
††† determination, and conviction to surrender to the movement of the Spirit in our hearts.

††† Is a Carmelite vocation at the root of your heartís deepest desires? Your journey unfolds by taking the first step.
†† Come and See!† You are welcome to visit our monastery in Barrington, Rhode Island.
†† Call or use our contact form to email our Vocation Director.

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